Saturday, June 21, 2008

Promotion Items For Your Business

Do you have an online store and would like to increase your sales? One way to spread the word about your store is by promoting with your packaging. When I make a sale, I include my business card. This provides your customer with contact information in case they want to make another purchase from your store. They also can share the business card with their friends who can be considered as potential customers. In addition, a business card makes your business appear more professional.

When you ship items, you need a shipping label. You can use the standard plain return mailing address text. That works. However, anyone who handles your package could be another potential customer. Making your shipping label more attractive is not that difficult. In this case, more attractive simply means including your logo, making your business name more prominent, and including your website address.

Mailing Address Labels

Other ways to promote your store after the sale is to include a label (seal or sticker) with your store information. I have designed self-stick labels that can be placed on envelopes, sales receipts, or anywhere else you want to adhere them. These self-stick labels include your store name, website address, and either your logo or short message such as "thank you".

Round, Self-Stick Labels

Lastly, I also have gift tags or hang tags that can be used to promote your store. These tags come with a pre-punched hole where you can tie a string. Then, you attach the tag to your sale item. These tags can be customized with your store information similar to the self-stick labels.

Ok. This approach only works if you already made a sale. Nonetheless, it helps to promote your store and adds a more caring and professional appeal to your store.

At the moment, these items can be purchased at my Etsy store.

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