Saturday, February 16, 2008

Red, White, and Black Braided Leather Bracelet

Football and basketball seasons may both be finished for this school year, but you can still show your school spirit by wearing a fashionable and trendy leather bracelet. I graduated from East Stroudsburg University, located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, and thought it is about time to design a couple of bracelets that represents my alma mater's colors.

It does not matter where you attended school. You can still purchase these bracelets as long as your school colors are red, white, and black! In fact, you can purchase these bracelets even if these colors do not represent your school colors. Buy it because you love it!!

Red, White and Black Braided Leather Bracelet
Purchase at: My Digital Arena or Miss Charlotte's Handmade Crafts

Red, White, and Black Surfer Style Leather Bracelet
Purchase at: My Digital Arena or Miss Charlotte's Handmade Crafts

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Patriotic Leather Bracelets Combo Set

Have you decided who you will be voting for in the upcoming Presidential Elections for 2008? It may be too soon to have made that decision, but it's never too early to show your support by wearing fashionable accessories. Here is a set of 3 bracelets in the colors of red, white, and blue that are available for purchase.

Set of 3 Patriotic Red White and Blue Leather Bracelets

My Digital Arena

Friday, February 8, 2008

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day By Wearing A Green Leather Bracelet

It's not too early to start planning for St. Patrick's Day and it's festivities. If you want to look fashionable at this year's St. Patrick's Day party, you will definitely want to consider accessories to complement your attire. While you are sipping or chugging your green beer, folks will be mesmerized by the green leather bracelet you will be wearing on your wrist!!

Mint Green Leather Bracelet

Start a trend with your friends now!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Patriotic Leather Bracelets

This year the United States will be voting for a new President for the Country. You can show off your patriotic spirit by purchasing items in support of the 2008 election year!! In addition to purchasing flags and clothing, you may want to consider fashion accessories such as pins, bumper stickers, or handmade leather bracelets in the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Planning A Baby Shower? Try Personalized Tic Tac Mint Labels!

Are you planning a baby shower or expecting a newborn of your own? If you didn't already know, personalized labels that fit Tic Tac Mint boxes are just one of many options for you and your guests to remember the special day!




These personalized tic tac mint labels can be purchased at 2GalsGrafix.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Valentine's Day: Handcrafted With Love

Valentine's Day isn't too far away. If you need a gift for your loved one, then I suggest buying one of these handcrafted red leather bracelets to show you care. All three of these bracelets can either be purchased at My Digital Arena or Miss Charlotte's Handmade Crafts.

Happy Valentine's Day!